Friday, 21 July 2017

Kate Fall 2017

Kate will launch its Fall 2017 collection on 1 August in Japan.

It's a massive one comprising the following:

1. Brown Shade Eyes N: 6 variations. You can see swatches here. (1200yen)

2.CC Lip & Cheek Cream N SPF10 PA+: 2 shades (700yen)

3. CC Lip Oil: 3 shades in 01 Red Spice, 02 Trans Pink and 03 Sheer Yellow. Performs five functions of moisturising, color-correcting, plumping, gloss and lipstick base. (920yen)

4. CC Lip Cream N Tint 06 Mode Pink SPF9 PA+ (400yen)

5. CC Lip Cream N 04 Orange Burst and 07 Grace Pink (400yen)

6. Slim Create Powder N: 2 variations EX1 Natural Type and EX2 Glow Type (1300yen)

7. Smooth Eyeliner Pencil BK (600yen)

8. Soft Black Liner BK (800yen)

9. Color Highvision Rouge: Hydrating matte finish (1200yen, 10 shades)

10. 3D Parts Designer (1200yen)

11. 3D Contrasting Cheeks: 4 variations (1500yen)

12. Water In Oil BB SPF20 PA++ (1400yen, 3 shades)

13. Secret Skin CC Base Zero SPF30 PA++ in Green (1000yen)

Pic below by Voce.

Pics below by Maquia.

Benefique Cushion Compact Hydro Aura

If you aren't sick of cushion foundations yet, here's another one to explore. Shiseido's Benefique is debuting its Cushion Compact Hydro Aura SPF20 PA++ (5000yen for the set; 4000yen for refill) on 21 July. It contains emerald green and pink lavender light-reflecting pigments for creating a natural-looking lustruous glow. There is also a new Makeup Base Hot Moisture SPF25 PA+++ (4000yen) that warms on contact with the skin and contains moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. It gives the skin a healthy, soft pink tint.

The shades are Ocher 10/20/30, Pink Ocher 10 and Beige Ocher 10.

Jill Stuart Fall 2017

Below are more official visuals for the Jill Stuart Fall 2017 collection launching in September. All products are permanent. (The limited edition Autumn Pink Blossom collection is launching in August.)

Pure Essence Cushion Compact SPF40 PA+++ (1200yen for case, 2800yen for refill, 5 shades)

Mix Blush Compact More Colors #25 Dearest Wish (4500yen)

Blooming Dew Oil In Blush #8 Silky Lily (4500yen)

Shimmer Couture Eyes #7 (5000yen)

Ribbon Couture Eyes #19 (5000yen)

Shu Uemura Holiday 2017 Super Mario Bros Collaboration

Shu Uemura reaches into the ultimate heart of Japanese geekdom with its Holiday 2017 collaboration with Nintendo's landmark game icon Super Mario Bros. Like its past holiday collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld and Takashi Murakami, this will be a massive collection spanning makeup, skincare, haircare, beauty tools and accessories. It will launch globally on 1 November with an ad campaign featuring Belgian model Yumi Lambert.

Pics from WWD Japan.